Monday, December 21, 2009

Define "Too Many"

As Derranna works on her combat training, it might occur to the reader of this humble blog that I am indeed insane.

"Why, in god's name, do you need three combat characters?"

To be fair, Kla'strit came to me via serendipity and not design but that still leaves the fact that I have a well trained combat main (Kirith) and now I'm training up a second combat character (Derranna). It seems nonsensical but I have reasons.

1) I want to experience Minmatar ships with tech II projectiles, but I don't want to take time from my main's training plans to train either.

2) Derranna is pretty much hit the limit of industrial activities I'm interested in. I mean, she can build every Caldari ship including Tech III, she can invent, reverse engineering, etc. I don't want to train mining skills again (I did  it on an  alt once... waste of my time) so I figure it combat skills or nothing.

3) Having two combat characters gives me options in terms of how to approach various situations. I.e. missions can be done with one battleship and one logistics or two battleships. In PvP I can tag team a couple force recons, or I can send in Derranna when Kirith has jump cloned to empire.

4) Supercap pilot options. I.e. if I ever get my Wyvern I can put Kirith into it and use Derranna for my day to day tasks.

5) At the end of the day, Derranna is expendable.

What I mean by that last one is that while I'll never sell Kirith, I'm not opposed to sending Derranna into slavery for huge gobs of ISK. And one way to increase her value is to expand her repertoire of abilities into combat skills, because no one cares much for a character with esoteric industrial skills out the ying yang but a character with solid industrial skills AND awesome combat skills? Very valuable.

I have no plans today to sell Derranna as I have no great need for more ISK. But the thought is always there at the back of my mind.

Dread Pirate Roberts: Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

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