Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumble In Rens

Nashh and I have agreed to the terms of our third and tie-breaking duel:
Here is what I'm proposing for the "Rumble In Rens":

1) Rens is the scene unless your sec status is too low by then. I'm thinking Nov 1st at around 23:59 eve time or 00:30 by the time the kids are in bed and kitchen tidied up. Sigh.

2) Tech 1 Battleships. I.e. no faction (Navy or Pirate) and no tech II (Golem *drool*)

3) No restrictions on mods/rigs, ammo, or drones with the exception of no ECM modules or drones.

4) No warping out. Duel goes to the Pod.

5) Range limitation of 50km.

6) Setup is same as last two duels: we meet and exchange a unit of ammo in a can to become red to each other, and then warp to second planet so we land 20 km apart. As soon as warp bubble collapses, fight is on.

Spectators welcome to join us!


  1. WOOT! finally i have been granted my BS CDM fight! Rules are set, all are free to come and watch live! those of you lucky enough to have frapps please come down and record. send it in to myself to be processed into another asskicking CDM video!!!

  2. Anonymous11:56 am

    Hmm, I might come watch this one...

  3. Anonymous1:27 pm

    I'll have to make a point to be there as well. Be sure to let us know which planet to sit at with popcorn in hand.