Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night I was on for a few minutes and reading the forums and saw an alliance mate looking to sell his Phoenix Dreadnought at a discounted price to someone in the alliance.

Cue the wallet burning a hole in my pocket.

I made an offer of a billion in case he was in a hurry to unload it and carried on with activities. A little while later I checked contracts to get a feel for how much dreadnoughts are going for these days. The lowest I saw was a couple going at 1.15 billion and here is what went through my head.

"Hey, that's a good price! Average is around 1.4 bil."

"That's in this region too."

"I have 1.15 billion ISK. I'll just log into Derranna and transfer the cash I need..."

"But I haven't heard a yes or no from that alliance guy. I'd feel bad if I bought this one and he then contacted me in hopes of selling his."

"Plus its a lower price. I should wait."

"But what if he says no thanks and this cheap Phoenix is snatched up by someone else in the meantime?"

"Gah, patience, gotta have some."

And with great reluctance and no dreadnought I logged off. Its a good thing too; this morning when I woke up and thought about last night's episode I had almost-buyer's-regret, that feeling that you would have felt bad had you bought the thing you almost bought but didn't because of one little situational roadblock. The feeling you know you are weak and it wasn't willpower that saved you.

Anyways, if I get the cheap Phoenix I'll probably flip it for a hundred million or so profit because I never seem to have time or a need for a dreadnought, the corp has a spare for emergencies, and I need to buy some skillbooks and parts for my restarted tech II production line. For example, this morning I spent about 90 million to get parts to build 40 covert op cloaking devices.

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