Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mission: Tangled Webs

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The first banter of this 2nd year of EVE Blog Banters comes to us fromZargyl from A Sebiestor Scholar, who asked the following: On the EVE Fanfest 2009 page are pictures of prizes for the Silent Auction that was held during the event. One of these photos was entitled “Design your own EVE mission”. My question now would be what kind of mission would you write if you got that prize? What would the mission be about? Would it be one using the new system of epic mission arks? What would be the story told by it? Feel free to expand upon his questions and put together your very own mission!

I have ideas, oh yes! There are a lot of different mission ideas rattling around in my skull but let's pick out one I'd like to see in Eve.

Level 4 Mission: Tangled Webs

"Hello Kirith Kodachi, I'm glad to see you survived that last mission. How was I supposed to know the Angel Cartel would send an entire battle group after that lone transport? Good thing you were there.

"Now I have a more delicate mission for you, of great importance to the Republic. 

"Retired Admiral Cosorassa of the Imperial Fleet is well known in Matari space. He led several 'unauthorized' incursion fleets in the Molden Heath and while the Empire publically punished him we know for a fact that he was lavished with praise and rewards back on Amarr. 

"I have received intelligence that he is part of a delegation from the Empire trying to ease tensions between them and the Republic. We want him dead but we can't touch him, see? It would cause an incident and perhaps plunge us into a war we don't want... right now. So that's where you come in.

"We will provide you with a Rifter that's been specially modified to broadcast a false identity of Folas the pirate to police units and the Amarr fleet (other pod pilots will pick up on your pod's relay but we don't have the expertise to mess with that and besides, they won't care). You will travel from here to Hek through high sec allowing the false identity to be detected and for Republic police ships to attempt to engage and destroy you. Don't let them, but make it look good. Once in Hek you must warp to the station where the delegation is meeting and attack Admiral Cosorassa's yacht. We'll guarantee he'll be on it by activating an alarm on the station when you show up in system.

"The Republic fleet ships guarding the delegation will engage you as they will see you as the pirate Folas so don't waste any time. Destory the Admiral's ship and get out of there as quickly as possible. DO NOT destroy the guard ships! We are not hiring you to kill Minmatar citizens!

"You, or rather Folas, will be declared KOS across the Republic and Empire as a result but you and I will be innocent of anything. The logs will show that Minmatar forces attempted to stop Folas at several points but failed; it will make us look bad and we will have to pay some reparations but war will be avoided and we will celebrate that old codger's death behind closed doors.

"Good luck Kirith Kodachi, don't let me down."

* * * * * * 

Technical description: 
Pilot receives Specially Modified Rifter that must be equipped. This Rifter requires any faction's frigate skills to pilot. While in Specially Modified Rifter the pilot's security standing is set to -10.0.

The pilot can take the ship anywhere and use it for anything but it is no better than regular Rifter and has a self destruct timer of 1 day. 

In Hek, the pilot will have agent bookmark to an acceleration gate that only allows Specially Modified Rifters to use. Once in the deadspace, the pilot will see several Repubic Fleet frigates and several Amarr Delegation Yachts, one of which is labeled Admiral Cosorassa's Yacht. Soon after the pilot arrives in the pocket, the Republic Fleet ships will begin to target and engage the pilot but most of them will be at long range and thus give the player some room to engage the target.

If any Republic ships are destroyed, the mission fails. 

The Admiral's Yacht will begin to move after 60 seconds and align to warp out. At 120 seconds the Yacht will warp out and the mission fails.

The other Amarr delegation Yachts will begin to move after 90 seconds and warp out at 180 seconds. Killing them causes no ill effect to the mission but will be difficult as the rest of the Republic ships get in range.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Specialty tools, very James Bond. I like....

  2. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Oooh, I like this mission.

  3. Very nice storyline. A frame . . . another followup might be later YOU are the one framed and have to find the ship that 'set you up'


  4. At -10 security status, Concord will warp on you even in a mission area. Also, it would spawn fleets of concord ships everywhere you went, burdening the servers.

    Might want to change it to -10 to your minmatar faction standing; but even then I'm not sure if the gate guns would insta-pop you.

  5. Nice idea. Dig the Bond aspect.

  6. I like this mission because it has more meat to it then - pirates located at this spot go there and get rid of them, or deliver this oxygen. Which seems to be a good number of missions. yawn