Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am NOT Ashamed!

From We Fly Spitfires:

All of this is just another reason why you should be watching films like Oldboy and not Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And if you enjoyed the latter for any reason other than Megan Fox, you should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

No. I refuse to buy into your elitist attidude, you and all other looking-down-my-geek-cred-nose bloggers who panned the Transformers movies as being not true to the original material and being vapid shallow plot-hole-ridden pieces of crap.

I liked those movies. They were about giant alien robots disguised as cars and planes and tanks fighting each other and blowing shit up. It looked good, it looked real, and it was fun. I bought them on DVD. I'll watch them again in the future.

Don't get me wrong. They were not Science fiction movies by any stretch of the imagination. Science fantasy at best, but better thought of as all-ages action adventure. And the first movie was much better and less facepalm-inducing than the second with its "ghetto-bots" and cranky-old-man robot, but it was still a pretty cool ride.

Robots fighting robots. What more do you want in a Transformers movie?


  1. The Transformers movies managed NOT to shatter my childhood memories. That's all I could ask.

    God damn you Lucas for the new Star Wars trilogy.

  2. really ive hated hollywood for years for ruining franchise after franchise for a fat profit but a lack of any actual 'good' movies. what movie HASNT been a remake or sequel thats been top in the box office lately? its all advertising spam of explosions and CGI and people go because their 90 minute attention spans want instant gratification.

  3. I agree, he is welcome to dislike the Transformers films but he cannot presume to tell anyone else what to enjoy watching.

    And I would bet good iskies that he isn't referring to Fox's acting ability in the second quoted sentence, which I find a little repellent, and not just because of the obvious double-standard of superficiality. It's not okay to like shallow films, but it is okay to gawp over the body of a woman? What a great way to contradict your own argument.

  4. Anonymous5:28 am

    You're absolutely correct - that is an elitist attitude - I also enjoyed the film because of Isabel Lucas....

  5. Two words: Michael Bay

    What do they expect from him? A heart touching drama? Nope, he does explosions with a bit of sexy tossed in.

  6. oh, this was a 2.5 hour movie, not just 90 min!

  7. Anonymous9:58 am

    I think saying I have an elitist attitude is a bit melodramatic :) I never mentioned anything about it not being true to the source material nor did I say anything against the first film (which I thought was alright actually).

    However, I still stick by my opinion that T:RotF is an utterly dire film :) Apart from anything, it was just so damn boring...

  8. If a movie keeps me entertained for an hour and a half, it has accomplished everything I needed from it.

  9. Testified... Robots dressed like cars... Check... Awesome intellectual movie? Nope. Fun ride? Yup!