Monday, October 26, 2009

That's Mr HICtor to you!

Looking over the past year at my killboard stats I see a smattering of various ships: 3 x in a Raptor, another 3 in a Myrmidon, the odd Ferox killmail, four in a Falcon, etc. But by far the most common ship that I appear on killmails in is an Onyx Heavy Interdictor.

There are several reasons for this:

1) Its almost always a handy addition to any fleet. 

Whether you are a small gang or a large blob, the HIC brings a decent radius warp disruption bubble on a solid platform that is not as slow as a Battlecruiser or battleship.

2) Its useful in 0.0 and Low sec.

The script that turns the ~20km bubble into ~30km infini-point is pure win. Warp stabbed haulers beware the sensor boosted HIC on the gate.

3) Massive passive tank.

Certain versions (Broadsword, Onyx) can tank the current Doomsday device. 'Nuff said.

4) Cruiser agility and speed (well almost).

It can keep up with HAC gangs pretty well, but a lot more durable than a Light Interdictor.

For those reasons, I'm more likely to choose an Onyx when joining an ad hoc fleet than anything else, although I've have some fun in the Interceptors lately.

Here is my current setup:

The reason for the two Warp Disruption Field Generators is that it allows me to pop a bubble and target a ship to hit with the focused infini-point scram. That way targets that slip out of my bubble range are still warp scrammed for another ten km, giving the fleet the chance to take it out.


  1. Anonymous4:21 am

    personally I've found you get more EHP if you remove the fourth extender and put on an active hardner - I think I have two extenders, one invuln and one em (I think em... whatever is the lowest resist). all HIC's should be able to withstand a DD, but the awesomeness of the broadsword and onyx is that they repair themselves naturally whereas the other two need to put an armor repper module on. :-)

  2. Anonymous4:22 am

    sorry! I meant three extenders!

  3. Excellent, I'll be getting myself one of these in the near future, so this post helped me out quite well.

  4. The goal was to be as passively tanked as possible so that it can protect cap for the Warp Jammer as in case you catch a super cap. Hence the extender over hardener.

  5. Anonymous7:16 am

    ahh - nosferatu then perhaps? if I think we're going to be taking out capitals/supercaps I have my highs filled with utility modules (cloak, cyno generator, nosferatu) the nos allows you to run both wdfg's permanently (and helps if you're getting neuted yourself).

  6. Anonymous7:36 am

    Kirih what about swapping the MWD for an ABII? I know it is not as fast but with only 1m 40s of cap it hardly seems worth it.

    The Broadsword doesn't seem to have the EM hole the Onyx does.

    im looking at the EHP with your setup 103,323 vs 125,120, I think Id rather the extra 22,000

  7. @evemonkey: its not built purely for supercap tackling, merely for the option. The heavy launchers with precision missiles are very useful for frigs and such while regular missiles are not going to be very useful against larger targets.

    @Manasi: The MWD is only for getting back in position around gates. Once the bubble goes up neither module is overly useful and I typically turn them off. I do have an afterburner in hanger for quick switch outs if the scenario calls for it.

  8. Don't discard the devotor / phobos, the plus side to armor tanking is they can actually fit the sensor boosters that make the infinipoint deadly on gates.