Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been inventing like a mad man. After getting my 40 Covert Ops cloaks in the factory I've been taking Invulnerability Field BPCs from my stockpile of over 650 (thanks to other bloggers that donated them) and throwing them in the lab with a couple datacores. Currently I'm up to 65 invented BPCs for 650 Tech II modules to be built.

I was out of datacores so last night I did my research agent run, visiting Placid, Domain, Derelik regions before heading back to base. Then I continued the invention spree.

Once the cloaks are out of the factory tonight I'll start working on building the hardeners.


  1. And here i am haveing to do all that copying myself and you get em gifted to you, im not bitter at all honest :(

  2. Run a blog, provide fun and interesting content, and your BPC's will magically appear for you in Jita!

    Kirith doesn't get anymore cuz he's a slaver now :'(