Monday, October 19, 2009

Stealth Bomber Camping

There are many different ways to camp in a Stealth Bomber.

You can find a busy system in null sec and wait for someone to sit on a gate that looks like a juicy target. It can be hit or miss if you get a good run but has the advantage of being easy to do once you have the bookmarks all set up. A version of this is to camp an enemy's jump bridge, launching a bomb when an unsuspecting hauler or frigate lands on it and thinks it is safe under the POS' sentry guns.

Another method is to find a quieter null sec system and setup some drag bubbles (i.e. Mobile Warp Interdiction spheres that pull people away from the gate they were warping to) and get into position to bomb the spot they will end up. This method exchanges longer setup time (finding the right spot to anchor the bubbles) and less traffic for the increased chances of getting targets as ships don't land on the gate and jump away.

Last night three of us spend a couple hours engaging in the latter method but came away empty handed except for a suite of bookmarks for next time. There was some excitement as we were shutting down our camp and a hostile fleet entered local and passed through. Fortunately no m3 pilots were spotted and we made it home safely a little while later.

* * * * *

Extra, extra!

This poor excuse for a PvP pilot made 9th spot on the top scorers list (for points, not actual kills) for the corp for last week. I think that's the first time I ever made it on there after a week was complete, mostly thanks to the fleet actions on Thursday evening.

If I can keep it up, I might even make it into the top 30 all time M3 pilots for number of kills, passing by some inactive / retired pilots! ;-)

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