Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Moving

Due to real life pressures and the patch yesterday morning, the logistics went slowly. I did buy all the mods I needed for my new ships and spent a while figuring out what ships to put in the carrier for the eventual flight into 0.0:

- Armageddon Battleship, the Memories of Mynxee - Good for brawling or POS bashing.

- Onyx Heavy Interdictor, the Sticky - Bubble? Yes please.

- Falcon Recon, the Bracket - Cloak and ECM make for a decent scout and backup in HAC gangs.

- Raptor Interceptor, the Speedy - Another scout and good for moving around fast.

- Manticore Stealth Bomber, the Reloading... - Bombs are just plain fun.

- Basilisk Logistics, the Medic - For POS repping mostly, when its not safe for the carrier.

And if there is room:

- Myrmidon Battlecruiser, the Vexo Special - Cheap, high firepower, good for when you suspect you're not coming back in your pod.

Today's goal is to get the carrier packed up and ready and then get myself and Derranna the scout / cyno bitch into 0.0 to pave the way for the carrier.

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