Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State of the Blog

Yesterday on Twitter Jaggins_Eve suggested I run for the 4th term of the Council of Stellar Management. (Thanks man, I appreciate the vote of confidence.) I had intended to run for it but plans have changed.

I also intended to start a podcast called Broadcasts from the Ninveah, but that plan is on hold as well.

Finally, plans to go to this year's Fanfest had to (reluctantly) be put on hold, thus causing Roc's posts from Iceland to be even more envy-inducing.

The reason all these plans have been post-poned is because this past summer my wife became pregnant again, much to our collective surprise, and is due in March 2010. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make our small home ready for another addition, and money to be spent on new items that we can't use from the twins' babyhood and decorating the office as a nursery.

So I don't have the time to properly dedicate to being a good CSM canidate, nor to getting a podcast off the ground and keeping it running through next spring and summer which promises to be utter hell in terms of busy-ness. Twin boys at 2 years old and a newborn? Egads.

Hell, managing to play Eve is hard enough now, with one good gaming session a week on average and many short spurts before work or before bed the rest of the time. Next summer could be difficult to find any time online. Sigh.

On the upside, childhood is fleeting. The twins are already turning into little boys instead of little babies, and in no time they'll be asking for help with homework and going to Jiu Jitsu classes with their old man.

Eve on the other hand, is forever.


  1. Many congratulations, Kirith, on your new half-clone. I understand these days your frustrations with lack of EVE time...but at least you have a baby to look forward to! And who knows, maybe you and and I will both be running for CSM 5! All the best to you and your wife in the upcoming months.

  2. Congrats on the new addition! That trumps the CSM for sure, and you can always look into running in a year or so. We are also hoping to add a new fleet member now that the first is 18 months old. It cuts into gaming time, but is the best thing ever!

  3. congrats man. damn its hard to believe the twins are almost 2 years old hehe. And I really do hope to see you in a upcoming CSM election you will definately have my vote.

  4. "Eve on the other hand, is forever."

    I hope not, my friend. Because I mourn not being able to play other games with you in those fleeting moments you do get. Stupid life-sucking MMO :P

  5. gratz on the new minion :D