Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Art of Logisitcs

You the hardest part of blogging for me? Coming up with unique and relevant post titles. Pain in the ass, I tell you.


Last night I decided to take the carrier back to low sec to load up on more ships because while I had a good selection, it didn't cover all the bases. I had my Armageddon Memories of Mynxee which is a good all round battleship but lacks range for the odd sniper fleet fight, and I had my Onyx and Cerberus along with Manticore and Raptor, and a Basilisk for repping, but I lacked a good solid cheap battlecruiser and an alternate HAC for such roams that the Onyx was not required. And what if I wanted to do some serious probing? I need a ship for that.

So with the Ninveah back in low sec I started to ferry some more ships to its hanger while splitting my attention between the laptop and the TV that I was watching with the wife. Compromise keeps everyone happy.

I grabbed the Insisto Oblivium II Rokh battleship, refitted to Paxton/CVA fleet standards, for fleet fights. I also snagged the Vexo's Special Myrmidon, an Eagle whose name I can't recall (it doesn't get much action in High Sec), and a Buzzard named Voyager. I also ferried a corp mate's Taranis for him.

With the ship hanger near full, I then brought a load of fuel and miscellanous items to fill up the gas tank and corp hanger. Then this morning before work I made the quick jump down and safely docked in base.

* * * * *

Funny story:

I was sitting cloaked in my Buzzard watching the low sec to high sec gate while bringing Derranna through with some stuff for the carrier.

I watched a Charon frieghter, sitting there 15 km off the gate, while a pirate in an Ishtar tried to kill him. The sentry fire was too much for the Ishtar so he warped out, came back, and tried again. The Charon just sat there. It looks like the pilot set autopilot for the low sec system and then hit autopilot, forgetting or not realizing that the destination was low sec.

The Charon was lucky. The Ishtar lacked tank, DPS, and friends and no one else stumbled by to kill it, so the pilot came back, crapped his pants I imagine, and then docked.

If the Ishtar had a few more minutes under the sentry fire, I was going to go grab my Myrmidon and make his day very interesting.


  1. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Great post, as always, but you have to get rid of this white background. Besides hurting my eyes, I can't read any of the yellow text on the left side bar!

  2. White.... background...? I suspect, for some reason, you are not getting my wallpaper.

    Do you block flickr images?