Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Out of the Woods

After a long weekend out in the woods, I made it back alive with only a few bear gnaw marks on my leg.

Before I left, I did some shopping for new ships as I felt my hanger was getting a little low since losing the Nighthawk and the ships I had to leave behind in Etherium Reach. So I purchased the following:

Myrmidon: Nothing is better for low sec roams than battlecruisers, the toughness to survive sentry guns, firepower to kill lots of ships, and cheap for when you run into trouble. I've got a Drake and Ferox for two different roles (DPS and bait/tackler respectively) and the Myrmidon is going to fill a third role of heavy tackler and DPS.

Rook: Sometimes ops are designated as HAC roams and a good Recon is welcome in that gang. I have Falcons but for low sec its not ideal anymore. The Rook can carry a bit more tank and DPS while still providing some ECM. Mainly I just want to try it out.

Cerberus: DPS for HAC roams and a decent 0.0 ratter, I love my HAM Cerb.

Nighthawk: A replacement for the fallen Sleep Thru This command ship, I plan to set it up for Level IV and V mission work, maybe some complexes. It may not see a lot of action but I like to have it on hand.

Vulture: Purely for PvP, I'm not sure the best use case for it yet but I plan to give it a good ole college try.

Tengu: I'm still vacillating between several builds but I bought the hull and a couple sets of subsystems to get me going.

And next on the shopping list, I need modules for all the above ships as well as a new Widow Black Ops Battleship. That should drain the wallet. Anyone know of a good deal on a Widow? Contact me.


  1. Sounds like your trading scheme is working out to be quite profitable :D

  2. Haha yea I must think it is as well.

    Anyways, post your Tengu setup when you have it set, thanks ahead of time.