Tuesday, September 08, 2009

News Flash: News About Dominion

Huge hattip to Iambeastx for the link to this news post at IGN:
Along with that, they are rebalancing the power of ships, making adjustments so that no one type of ship will be heavily favored. It's always been thought that the outcome of a battle was more or less settled with the presence of a Titan capital ship, the largest ship in the game, as its doomsday weapon could potentially wipe out an entire fleet. However, in the expansion this weapon is being changed from an area-effect to a single-target one. On the other end of the spectrum, they are introducing fighter-bombers, small ships much like the current fighters but which can destroy capital ships. Also in the pipeline are so-called "speedboat missions" for smaller ships, as most of the existing PvE missions tend to focus on the larger battleships.
Whoa. Emphasis mine.

That is a HUGE change for Titans. I'd go so far to say it is a huge nerf. Doomsday weapons are a primary defense tool for cyno jammed systems at keeping enemy battleship fleets from jumping in. With it changed to a single target weapon the defensive ability is useless.

On the other hand, it the Doomsday is capable of one-shotting another capital ship, like say a Dreadnought, it might be a useful change for making Titans more offensive in nature.

Too much to think about. Along with the sov changes and new faction battleships (and faction ships overhaul!) the next expansion promises to be very interesting and exciting.

For more thoughts on the news, go to Ecliptic Rift.


  1. I don't fly a titan or have actually seen one, but its easy to see what a fundamental and huge change this is to a ship that requires such a long time to train for.
    I think your idea on single shotting is appropriate and some in reference to ROF would be needed too.

    Also, these capital killing fighters? A possible anti-titan option?


  2. Anonymous4:11 pm

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  3. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Nerf kind of sucks an area of effect is much cooler

  4. Anonymous9:09 pm

    I feel that this is a HUGE nerf to Titans. The ability to instantly kill a dread might be interesting for lowsec warfare, where there aren't very large capital fleets, but it'd be entirely impractical for 0.0. A Titan is difficult to produce, costs a fortune, is a supercapital (can't dock), and can only fire a doomsday once every hour. So now a dread would be far more useful than it.

  5. I am very reserved about this titan class change. Yes, it is significant change in the game mechanics, but I do believe that titans are used in a non-intended way at the moment.

    Basically near every ship in EVE has its T2 variant. Titan can be seen as T2 dreadnaught, as mothership can be seen as T2 carrier. While all other T2 ships are brought to normal fleet fight, titan due to its actual doomsday implementation is rather used as wild ace and half of its bonuses are not used at all.

    It seems to me, that CCP wants to change this and bring titans into normal capital fleet compositions.

  6. As titans are becoming more common, I can see why they make a change like this. I don't really like the idea of an i-win button and having seen doomsdayproof ship setups you need to sacrifice a lot to survive.

    I really like the fighter-bombers! And speedboat missions sound neat as well. I've been in love with that ever since doing level 3's in an AF.