Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, I Suck

In an effort to be clever, I was trying to setup a cyno spot for Derranna to get Kirith's carrier to 0.0. I was going to do the cyno around downtime during the week, but decided to get into position and get the cheap cyno ship ready.

I decided to try to jump to one of the NPC stations in Great Wildlands on my way to Wicked Creek. I got Derranna there with no issue in her covert ops and purchased a cheap Probe frigate to be the Cyno ship.

Last night I had to go one jump to pick up the cyno ship but instead of waiting until the weekend was over, I figured I was safe in my sneaky covert ops frig and undocked...

... right into the waiting arms of a Flycatcher interdictor and Deimos HAC. Bubble up!

Normally I would wait out the undock timer and simply redock, but it was one of those Minmatar stations that quickly ejects you beyond the perimeter. I foolishly turned around and had an 18 second wait until I could dock, but now I was exposed. I didn't survive.

In hindsight I would have been better served to punch the MWD and try to get out of the bubble and warp, but I admit I panicked a little and tried to dock like a carebear bitch. I suck.

In further hindsight, I should not have undocked in hostile territory on a Sunday evening with no solid escape plan. I've been in high sec too long, instincts have gotten rusty and I've gotten cocky. Lesson learned.


  1. oh hai! from my Primary. buddies :)

    Squizz Caphinator

  2. Yea mistakes like that get you back in the 0.0 mindset pretty fast though. At least it was only a frigate hull.

  3. Anonymous9:48 am

    Kirith, for the learners out here (me), what should you have done? What would that escape plan have been?

  4. Don't feel bad I've done the same thing but it was in low sec. Even worse it wasn't even my ship that I lost!

  5. Anonymous10:43 am

    AT least you didn't say the Sin was mother of all Jammers..:) BTW that what cyno characters are all about...don't worry :)

  6. @Rettic, for starters I shouldn't have undocked in a system pack full of reds with one station and no eyes on the undock.

    Secondly, I could have tried turning on the MWD and getting out of the bubble before the lock and shooting started.

    Thirdly, I could have let my invulnerability from the undock timer carry me farther before doing anything. Might have gotten farther from the centre of the bubble.

  7. As I understand it pressing ctrl+space to stop your ship does not clear the undocking invulnerability, so that would have been an option too.