Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unexcited About DUST 514

Yesterday CCP announced a new First Person Shooter set in the Eve universe called DUST 514:
DUST 514, featuring first-person shooter and RTS-style gameplay, will interact directly with EVE Online, CCP’s critically acclaimed flagship MMO. This interplay between the two games opens the EVE universe to console gamers and gives them a chance to become part of one of the most massive cooperative play and social experiences ever.


The primary gameplay of DUST 514 features brutal ground combat that takes place on the surface of planets from EVE, delivering the visceral, adrenaline-fueled experience of futuristic firefights. Developed for the current generation of consoles, DUST 514 combines equal parts battlefield reflexes and strategic planning, giving commanders and ground infantry real-time configurable weapons and modular vehicles to manage dynamic battlefield conditions.

Now entering its third year of production, DUST 514 is the primary development focus of CCP’s Shanghai studio. The team includes veteran designers of EVE Online and experienced talent from various sectors of the video game industry.
I admit interest in the mechanics that will tie the two games together and how FPS players will be able to influence Eve's political landscape (perhaps massive changes to sovreignty?) but overall the news leaves me unexcited. Its a console game so I'll never be able to see it (unless one of the consoles it releases on is Wii) and I'm not a FPS type guy, I like slower and more tactical game modes. (This has nothing to do with the fact I have the eye to hand coordination of a brick wall.)

I will give the annoucement props for some very pretty graphics.


  1. Ooooh.... EVE with action - sign me up! If it comes to PC I'd certainly be interested.

    Standard EVE makes me fall asleep (despite being awesome to read about) so I'd savor the opportunity to play a spin-off that appeals to my need for an active gameplay experience.

  2. It would be nice if we could have eve Planetary commanders run fights for the console crowd by being their generals. I agree that the fact that this is console only sucks. who wants to play an fps on a console. I want a mouse!

  3. I don't own a modern console, so I won't be playing it. And I've never been a fan of console FPS games.

    But I am curious how it will interact with EVE.

    I don't want to see DUST play such an instrumental role in SOV that EVE players are basically reliant on console players. But console players aren't going to want to feel like their actions are meaningless.

    I think there is a tremendous opportunity to tie the two markets together though... Have EVE players manufacturing gear to be sold to the DUST players... Have the DUST players capture resources that can be sold to EVE players...

    I wonder what kind of communication there will be between the two games? Will I be able to chat with DUST players?

  4. It's not a done deal that there will not be a PC version. All we know is that there WILL be at least once console supporting the game. (IMO FPS games blow on consoles...)

    More news will follow, I'm sure.

  5. Linkage to support the above:


    The money quote:

    "4players.de has talked to Petursson after the show, asking why there will be no PC-Version. Petursson smiled and stated, that he cannot comment on it right now. The only thing he can say at the moment is that there will be ca console version"

  6. Anonymous10:12 am

    Interestingly, I don't like FPS games either, not liking twitch based games in general. But that being said, I still think this looks awesome. It's all going to come down to /how/ they link the two games. But if it opens up markets for FPS players to buy stuff from EVE players and get paid for pulling off successful planet takeovers, it's going to be awesome with sauce!

  7. after watching the video I noticed that eve players will be able to hire DUST teams to take planets for them. This could also lead to deeper relationships like alliances. I can just see people hopping off their computer and kicking their SO's off the TV so that a planet can be conquered! I do hope that the pilots have to hold space over the hostile planet before the DUST crew can come in though. Resupply missions would be cool too. Especially if attackers HAVE to be resupplied from space while defenders are assumed to have stockpiles!

  8. Anonymous12:52 pm

    My concern is that this may be a console only game.

    I am not a big fan of console games, mainly due to the fact that consoles have a very short half life so to speak.

    As soon as you get a console all sorted out, a new version comes along.

    If there is not a PC version, I for one will really be disappointed.

  9. What sort of strange upside down world do we live in when I'm more excited about an EVE announcement than Kirith:


  10. Anonymous9:19 pm

    When it comes to console games, I'm all thumbs, so I'm not really interested in playing this FPS. I'm interested to see how the two games interconnect - I'm both excited and concerned. Will the regular Eve players be dependent on the FPS players in some involuntary way? That is, will I be forced to actions by FPS players with out my choosing to interact with them? I'd not like that. But being able to choose to play in concert with the FPS players could be very interesting.