Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Live Blogging the QEN - Q2 2009

A new quarterly economic update from CCP on the Eve universe and once again I shall live blog my reading of it.


Page 6 - Paraphrased editorial - Blah blah Eve Bank blah blah tiny effect blah blah single shard

Page 10 - "Currently there is more than 300 trillion ISK on all accounts within EVE, of which 170 trillion are on active paying accounts." That means 130 trillion ISK just sitting there locked away. Can I haz yur stuff?

Page 11 - You play more, you have more money. ISK is the grind in Eve people, not levels. Not surprisingly, those in null sec are the richest on average. Is this due to the resources there or the fact that more experienced and established players tend to survive there better?

Page 14 - The Distribution Of Characters in Security Space graph doesn't make sense to me. How can the left axis be system security status and then the first three bars be null sec? Null sec is negative securityy numbers.

Page 15 - Also, the ship types being used chart is very interesting in noting that the Raven is falling fast. I assume this snapshot was taken after Unholy Rage banned 6000+ macro accounts?

Page 16 - The Tech 1 frigate is still king after all these years.

Page 17 - Take freighters out of the capital group, and carriers make up over half of capital ships. Being cheap and flexible has its advantages.

Page 18 - Covert Ops is most popular tech II ship is unexpected at first, but considering its cheap cost and utility in both PvP and PvE-exploration, I can believe it.

Page 19 - Nighthawk, despite its powergrid issues, is the most popular command ship. This is entirely due to its use in PvE ventures I reckon.

Page 22 - Interesting: "Quantity traded is increasing at a faster rate than demand, thus prices are declining in general. The increase in popularity of the Hulk is therefore interesting in this context. There are more mining barges in the game than ever before, in addition to a considerable increase in the number of missions run by players and NPC kills. Since a sizeable part of all minerals in the game come from refined loot, the increased supply of minerals, along with lower prices, is most likely attributed to these two causes."

Page 31 - "To summarize we can state that the EVE economy is healthy. There is mild deflation, but with the increase in economic activity there are good prospects for continued economic growth for the rest of the year."

Page 35 - Id be interested to know how many Tech II BPOs are used to make BPCs for production, or if all BPCs come from invention for this graph.

Page 35 redux - "Excluding drones and ammo, approximately 9.8 million Tech II items were produced in Q2. Out of these, 6.5 million items were produced from BPCs, with the remaining items being produced from BPOs. Proportionally, a third of all Tech II production is executed with BPOs, and the remaining is done with BPCs." Empahsis mine. Holy crap, tech II BPO holders are making a lot of money then since most tech II prices floor around where invention is barely profitable.

Page 37 - "The most popular regions to produce Tech II items in were Lonetrek, The Citadel, and The Forge. They alone accumulate for 49% of the total production of Tech II items." When I see someone complain of full production slots, I assume they are in Caldari space. Sigh.

Page 39 - "We also examined the productivity in each security tier of lowsec space more closely. It is interesting to note that 0.4 security space is the most productive tier, accounting for 74% of total lowsec production as can be seen in Figure 26."

Page 40 - Most tech II ships are produced by BPOs (56%). This is due to the pain of failed invention tries for expensive ship BPCs, datacores, and decryptors to make it worth it. It also suggests that ship Tech II BPO holder are still raking in vast gobs of ISK, maybe not as much as before, but too much. I'm of the opinion that its time for Tech II BPOs to go away.

Page 42 & 43 - Its interesting that HACs are produced mostly by inventors while interceptors are vastly more produced from BPOs. Probably due to the profit from invention for HACs being sufficient enough to justify the hassle.

Page 48 - "The five most popular types of Tech II ammo account for roughly 34% of all produced units, with the most produced ammo type, Scourge Fury Heavy Missiles, accounting for about 12% of the total amount of Tech II ammo produced." The guys with the Scourge Fury BPOs are laughing all the way to the bank. The guys with BPOs that are not of the 5 most popular are probably disenchanted.

Page 50 - Blockade Runners and Stealth Bombers getting Covert Ops cloaks really drove the volume of those items through the roof, but supply kept up with demand and we still saw a price descrease. Sucks for me.

Page 55 - It may look like a complete reversal of fortune for the Falcon and Rook at first glance, but look closer: the volume of sales for the Falcon is still 1000 units more per month than the Rook.

Page 57 - Prorator graph is actually stealth bomber information.

Page 60 & 61 - We see with the Seige Missile Launcher II and Concussion Bomb volumes that the stealth bomber changes were well received.

Page 63 - I love see Icelandic names in the native character set.

See you next quarter!


  1. Too true about T2 bpo's, im doing ok makeing T2 modules but i no longer bother to even try with T2 ships as i've never seen anyway to make a profit from them.

  2. Page 50: Oddly enough, in EVE, since supply is not capped, increased demand means a lowered price as more producers compete for the market. That's why the best margins are usually on little used products like small smartbombs or shield flux coils.

  3. Man I need to grab one of those T2 BPOs! I have like 2 billion to invest, maybe more in a little while.

    They are racking, racking, racking in the cash!

  4. Anonymous2:41 am

    Page 14 - Null sec is negative securityy numbers.

    I understood it in the Latin, not one, not any, none, nothing.