Friday, August 07, 2009

This is Why I Play Eve

The Dronelands War: Battle for Etherium Reach


  1. Very beautiful video (Wish I had a computer that could record video while running fleet battles at that quality). A somewhat colored history of the events, but I don't hold it against them; IRC did end up getting kicked a lot while they were down.

    One thing about EVE videos I've come to notice since I started fighting territory wars, so many of them feature exclusively POS shooting, which is pretty in a video but very boring in practice. I know large scale fleet fights are rare, but they'd make much better footage.

  2. "Label: Awsome" doesnt do it justice. Minor gripe though: YAA - Yet Another Account - to create, just to download one video from the referred website. Isn't there a plain download of the file somewhere?

    got eve-files link there