Monday, August 10, 2009

Blood Lust Still Rising....

Friday night I got on for a good couple hours. I started the evening by roaming back to base in the Gank Falcon while checking the belts for excitement and finding nothing. Feeling ornery I decided to switch to my trusty solo-Dominix Brooklyn and head out with Derranna in the Covert Ops. While I was playing with scan probes looking for a cruiser, the rest of the corp finished their logistics run and a fleet formed up.

At this point I learned we were still abiding by CVA's policy and it turns out it was a good thing I wasn't successful this past week or I could have got the corp in political hot water. Anyways, back to the roam.

We headed into Domain and KorAzor low sec systems, Derranna acting as scout for my Domi and the rest of the fleet consisting of Onyx, Myrmidon, and Megathron. Eventually we came across a hostile gang that looked engageable sitting at a low sec gate: Red Blinky Zealot and regular Nighthawk and Cormorant all of the same corporation. I was ordered to run Derranna into the low sec system behind them and they followed her through. While I watched the Nighthawk warped off but the Zealot jumped back through to where our Myrmidon pilot was setting up on the gate.

Much to our surprise, the Zealot engages and we warp to the gate to get in on the kill. The combination of sentry gun and Mrymidon was enough to kill him but I managed to get a webber on him before he exploded. Not enough of a kill to satisfy my bloodlust but enough for one night as I had travelling to do on Saturday and needed my beauty sleep.

This week I intend to do some more soloing in low sec, my goal to use or lose the Dominix.

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