Monday, August 17, 2009

Skills Update

So Kirith finished his Stealth Bomber training last week and is currently working on finishing a lot of skills that got abandoned for the latest shiny over the past year. Right now he's on Command Ships IV for the rest of the week, and then Logistics III and IV for the Basilisk and Vulture.

After that I might finish my Black Ops battleship training and get my Astrometrics support skills up to par. Then finish my ship training for the Tengu.

Derranna in the meantime has finished her training for the Logistics ship Scimitar and is working away on her Recon skills for the Rapier, with Recon IV finishing this week and then only four levels of Target Painting to do. After that I've split between capital ship training or hard core combat training regime. Today I'm leaning towards combat training. We'll see.

Meanwhile, my miner continues to train for an Orca as a backup Orca pilot.


  1. Didja see the announcement from the 15th that the Apoc 1.5 is going in on the 20th and will include fuel bays for black ops? They actually might be worth flying now. . . .

  2. Indeed, makes me very desirous of one.