Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bookmarks Mark II

Dear CCP,

Give Bookmarks some love.

Allow me to expand that. Right now bookmarks are pain in the ass to use. Unless I'm mistaken, you need the people and places interface up to make them, they are not made until you hit OK which is a pain when trying to make them while warping, they are hard to share with other pilots, and generally not user friendly.

So I have a list of enhancements you can make to improve bookmarks.

1. Create the ability to key-bind the "Add Bookmark" command. This would save a lot of fumbling around.

2. Allow people to create bookmarks on the solar system map without having to send your ship there. The advent of the new scanning system allows the busting of old deep safe spots, so give us the ability to pick a spot in the system and mark it. In order to prevent super-insane deep safes 1000 AU from the sun, limit the ability to something like within 100 AU of the systems sun or 5 AU of a celestial object (some sort of navigational restriction). This would give more reason to use Deep Space Probes again too.

3. CORPORATE BOOKMARKS. Allow corporations the ability to set up bookmarks that every member has access to automatically. No copying required, just see in your bookmark list (either in People or places or in right click in space context window) a folder called Corp with the corporate bookmarks there. This addresses several logistical problems (jump bridge locations, safe spots, POSes, etc) that make joining a corporation painful. Plus it would cut down on duplicate bookmarks in the database.

4. Easier to transfer bookmarks. A bookmark is a named 3-d coordinate + system name. Nothing physical, just info. Then why oh why do they have to be traded between players as physical items? That's a throwback to a different day and completely sucks donkey balls. Allow us to send bookmarks much like evemails. Or alternatively, combine with suggestion one and simply allow us to type in coordinates when creating a bookmark as well as showing us the existing coordinates in existing bookmarks.

5. Allow pilots to show bookmarks in the present grid, both in the bracket and in the overview.

6. Add 25m3 drone bay to the Rokh.

Make these changes and I'll be a happy camper.


  1. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Oh yes pleeeease. I agree, I agree. Where's the petition, I'll sign it. *Except for that bit about the 25m3 drone bay for the Rokh, I don't fly one, so I'll only be fighting them and I see no reason to increase their DPS on me. ;)

  2. I highly agree with points 3 and 4. Specially 3...corp bookmarks would be awesome!

    No comment on 6 since I've never flown one (well...no comment other than this one...)

  3. Totally agree with all points, especially #6!

    There... I supported it, so now you can support me in the future :-P

  4. I didn't know that drone bays could be used as bookmarks. I guess that's what I get for rolling a Minmatar shaman :)

    And I am glad to hear that you have to open up the people and places interface to create a bookmark. I thought I was going crazy not being able to create one any other way.

  5. Some excellent suggestions here. They get my vote.

  6. I completely agee. Especially with the "Corp bookmarks" idea. It's a huge pain in the ass when we are exploring WHs. This bookmarks wont be important in 3 hours... but preparing them and distributing among members takes a lot of time.

  7. Completely agreed. I just joined a new corp in 0.0 and it would be wonderful to have access to corp bookmarks without having to ask people to copy them all into a hanger for me, then importing each one. When you consider how many systems a typical corp will act in, and the number of bookmarks per system, it would have a significant impact on server load if each person was not storing a separate log of BM. I wish overview settings worked this way as well, rather than having to download and import...
    Plus I want more drones in my Rokh!

  8. I whole heartedly agree with the need to streamline the transfer of bookmarks between players and corps. The only issue I could see with corp bookmarks is the ease to which they could be 'stolen'. If someone wants to fly to each bookmark and make a personal copy that's one thing but I don't want them to be able to copy them directly. Make them work for their espionage.

    I would love the ability to have a 'fly to' command from the solar system map interface. I think that would be even better then bookmarking and then flying to that bookmark.

    And just a quick note about your opening paragraph. You don't need to use the P&P interface, right clicking in space will give you a list of active bookmarks for that solar system.

  9. "And just a quick note about your opening paragraph. You don't need to use the P&P interface, right clicking in space will give you a list of active bookmarks for that solar system."

    I was referring to making bookmarks. ;)

  10. I really like the corp bookmarks idea. A set of alliance BM's would be nice too :) I don't think the other ideas would get past the devs though. After I sold tens of thousands of BM's before WTZ the devs have a bad taste in their mouth about BM's.

  11. OH yes, I love the corp bookmarks idea. This would make life so much simpler. And if your worried about espionage, just don't put sensitive bookmarks in the corp bookmark folder.

    A slight modification on your idea #4. Allow us to send bookmarks though chat. So you drag the bookmark to the chat window, and everyone can click on the link and warp to it. This would save so much frustration during an op!

    I love all the suggestions except #6. They don't need any bigger drone bay. The small drone bay makes it a unique bs. Any bigger and it would be like all the others. :(

  12. Great post. I too had thought of the corp book marks idea and had even started writing a blog post about it. If you remember when they added warp to zero one of the advantages was the reduced need for bookmarks which were apparently a source of lag for the servers. Adding in corp bookmarks would seemingly help with this as well. Cheers!

  13. Ah what a horrible reminder!

    I'm joining U'K and I gotta setup all of these bookmarks, darn!

  14. Anonymous2:34 am

    5. Allow pilots to show bookmarks in the present grid, both in the bracket and in the overview.

    Hope you meant system, instead of grid.

  15. @Cussbeard
    What I meant is that right now I can go to the system map and see where my bookmarks are. I want to see where they are when they are in grid with me as well in the non-map mode. When I have several bookmarks around a station I frequent, it would be nice to see them in the overview for quick access and in space so I know where exactly they are instead of hoping I understand the bookmark name properly.

  16. I have posted a thread in the eve-o forums regarding a shared corp bookmarks tool, then I got pointed to this post. So I took the liberty of adding two of your ideas in that initial post to strengthen it (giving credit where credit is due). Let's all give this idea a bit of a boost.