Friday, August 07, 2009

Ghost Town

Last night after setting up some Invulnerability Field invention tries (hey, I have the BPCs, might as well use them up) I was roaming in the Gank Falcon (cue laughing from peanut gallery) looking for kills in belts.

What a fracking ghost town. Now I was only idly roaming but over 10 low sec systems I went through I found some occasional wrecks of rats, one belt where there was some wrecks and abandoned sentry drones which rats were destroying, and a lot more untouched rats including several battleships. All in all I saw one Incursus frigate warp in and warp out of one belt, and a Thorax on scan but never in the same belt as I was. Very frustrating.

Of course, I can't blame people for avoiding low sec belts simply because people like me looking for kills will descend upon you in droves. The risk versus reward is just not there for belt ratting in low sec for the most part, not when missions or exploration provide rats to kill without being easily findable locations in the overview.

So I'm considering upgrading to a battlecruiser or battleship for roams which would give me the option of engaging at gates at least.

However, the corp has been debating options while the search for a new alliance to join continues and the conversation has turned to the possibility of joining Factional Warfare for a while (YAY) on the Amarr side (BOO). I'm in support of that option for now because the idea of having numerous targets without security penalties and sentry guns getting in the way is very attractive. I do wish it was for the Minmatar side though but the corp has majority standing for Caldari / Amarr.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. well... if you are still NBSI... come to providence for some fun :)

    or mamet/misaba area is cool too

  2. Oh, yeah. That's gonna trash my Min standings.

    Probably lose the privilege of new JCs.

  3. Get a Curse. They're awesomesauce.