Thursday, July 02, 2009


While my derision at EBank's troubles appeared to be premature, another Eve bank appears to have been not so solid and has cost fellow blogger Manasi some serious ISK:
As of June 14th their website ( where you go to withdraw money etc..) stopped working. I have posted a couple of times on the market forums and did get some info from Hawkblade that the main guy running Dynasty Bank, is…. well MIA . Chances are I got screwed out of 1.1 Billion, yes you read that right…1.1 BILLION. With a B. I had been saving for a long while and to make some interest I dropped it into Dynasty Bank. Again if you have done this as I did, or dear god, even with my recommendation I can only apologize, and say I am sorry.
OUCH. My condolences friend.


  1. Anonymous9:54 am

    Thanks bro. I appreciate the link and the good wishes...looks like Wensley got hit too :(

  2. Yow... heading to Manasi's...

  3. Ouch, we all should have been bankers!