Friday, July 03, 2009

Pictures From A POS Repair Op

Here are a couple screenshots I thought were worthy of posting from the POS repair OP that me and the Ninveah participated in on the weekend. As usual, click for larger image.

Waiting at the rally point.

Here you see the carriers approaching the POS force field so we can quickly jump in while repairing the tower's shields and the armour on the Jump Bridge POS module (upper left). The cloud of green stalks on the Jump Bridge is armour repair logistic drones from the carriers. The red beam between the Ninveah and another Chimera carrier is an energy transfer beam from each of us, exchanging cap and getting more back in return.

Yum, fresh energy!

Here's another look at the repair op from above the jump bridge.

As the tower returned to functionality, a Rorqual jumped in to put more strontium into it.



  1. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Sweet pics bro :)

  2. What are the blue links to the pos ? looking like scrambler or something like that

  3. Those are shield transporter beams, aka remote shield reppers.