Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Ships

Here are the setups I decided upon for my new ships.


This ship is a compliment to my Blaster Rokh, trading sheer damage for improved range of Pulse Lasers, tackle capability, and a huge buffer tank. It can take a world of punishment and still slap a guy around, plus the warp disruptor and webber will keep targets in place while I finish them off.

Also, when I talked about my Rokh battleship in my dust up last week I mentioned I have four Magnetic Field Stabs and Mr Krishan commented that:
Um... the 4th magstab is definately wasted. Stacking penalties will give you almost no bonus from it, compared to other modules.
The stacking penalty means that the fourth mod is about 28% as effective as the first. This means that instead of giving a further 10% damage bonus and -10.5% duration speed up, it only gives a 2.8% damage bonus and -2.9% speed up bonus. But when dealing with large damage dealing ships like the Blaster Rokh that translates to about an additional 50 Damage points per second for that fourth module. When going for pure damage, I find the other options for this particular ship setup are not as attractive.


Asssuming I'm working without another Logistic ship, this setup is designed to be cap stable while pouring out the shield repairs and energy transfers. Plus it has enough fitting room to switch to four large shield transfer arrays if cap energy is not required. The Drone Link Augmentors are there to allow me to send the light shield maintenance drones up to 94 km away should the situation call for it, and I put a little bit of tank on there in case a stray missile comes my way. I mostly see using this in POS repair ops or PvE situations.


I had a very hard time deciding on a Nighthawk setup. I wanted to make a true command ship but the lack of adequate powergrid meant I couldn't get 6 heavy missile launchers, a warfare link module, propulsion module, and a solid tank on one ship. The best I could do required a Reactor Control Unit and had only 6000 shield hit points (albeit with awesome resistances) and that seemed inadequate for a battlecruiser class tech II variant. The other option I did not explore was to forego all 6 missile launchers but I think I'd rather try the Vulture than gimp the Nighthawk like that.

Since I don't need another level four mission running ship (I've got the Nightmare for that thank you) I decided to make a Wormhole ship for fighting sleepers. Solid passive tank, some DPS, and a core probe launcher.

I'm tempted to drop another Ballistic Control System for a fourth Shield Power relay and put that recharge in the 760 points per second area but I'm worried that the DPS is too low already. Thoughts?


  1. No RR on that Abaddon? Shame!

  2. For remote repping scenarios I've got my Armageddon prepped and ready to go. The Abaddon is more for self-sufficient ad-hoc gangs and fights.

  3. "When going for pure damage, I find the other options for this particular ship setup are not as attractive." For going with max damage it's not a bad option, however imo there is a good alternative in the tracking enhancers, increasing optimal and improving tracking helps, particulary when fighting ships smaller then your turret's resolution.

    "The other option I did not explore was to forego all 6 missile launchers but I think I'd rather try the Vulture than gimp the Nighthawk like that."
    How do you mean? using it as a warfare link platform? If so Nighthawk(and the other field commands) can only use 1 link, fleet command ships(Vulture etc.) can use 3.
    As for the fit, it looks ok for class 3 WH and below, class 3 might be a bit difficult though. If it's not for solo work it might be good to drop a shield power relay for a dcu and replace the shield recharger with a 2nd invul. It's a tiny bit less personal tank but resists are significantly higher(far superior for logistics) and you have OHSNAP hull resists.

  4. Yep I'm with Reatu, I'd got with a tracking enhancer instead of the 4th damage mod, it'll allow you to reach farther (optimal bonus) and still hit closer in (tracking bonus)

  5. Yeah. I gotta go with the tracking enhancer as well. I'm just not sold on a 4th damage mod, as that smacks too much of glass cannon to me.

  6. Kirith, I will send you an EVEMail ingame for the Nighthawk setup for solo'ing class 1, 2, 3, and 4 wormholes!

    It absolutely rocks the socks off.

  7. The Abaddon's tank blows my mind. I am rendered speechless.

  8. for the NH don't use the shield recharger, instead fit another invul.

    Then you'll have the same good dps and a better tank for class 3/maybe 4 with another ship action.