Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

Without any real thought behind them:

1. Make POS towers and modules unavailable from NPCs. Instead seed the blueprints and make players make them.

2. Same for all the trade good items (maybe).

3. Goons do not suck at this game, they are not easy pickings, and they are not the worst thing to happen to Eve. If they choose to throw away ships in engagements it is because they can afford to. If they choose to play hard using metagaming like spies and propaganda, you better be ready for it. If they have the diplomatic skills to keep a large list of alliances blue, you shouldn't complain when they bring friends to a fight. Sitting in your forums and saying they suck and you are going to kill them all is really stupid when they can read that and use that to bolster their morale as they remove your alliance from the map.

I'm not saying they deserve big kudos for killing Bob's sovereignty, but they do deserve acclaim for moving into Delve and Querious wholesale and finishing the job. Who else could (or even would) try that and succeed?

4. Tech II versions of the Tier 2 battlecrusiers and Tier 3 battleships are due now.

5. As is the +25m3 drone bay on the Rokh.

6. More Faction ships. I want a faction Blackbird and Moa. And Faction Ferox.

7. More powergrid for the Nighthawk while you're at it.

8. Damn my throat hurts.

9. Yeah, that's it for now.


  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    #3 I disagree with. Goons as fighters I loathe, having been fighting them for the last 4 months I respect their leadership/management/spies abilities but they are just cannon fodder.

    Rokh with a 25m3 extra drone bay for gods sake!

  2. Hear hear for #4 and #5. What a I wouldn't give for a T2 Rokh ...

  3. If you ever get the +25m3 drone bay on your Rokh, I can see you throwing a big party where no one but you can truly appreciate the reason behind the party!

  4. 1- I personnally couldn't care less about POS stuff, but yeah, I see your point.

    2- Maybe, apart from skillbooks; those should ALWAYS be available and at regular prices.

    3- Goons are annoying, but there to stay. Take 'em out and EVE becomes boring.

    4- T2 Hurricane? T2 Maelstrom with better damage bonus? Yes please. Now.

    5- Sorry Kirith, I don't like Caldari ships cuz they've been designed by Lego engineers on acid :)

    6- As long as they fix the 2 turrets only on the Dramiel. Damn crazy vikings...

    7- Ugh, Nighthawks... my bane !!!

    8- Here, have some Cepacol.

    9- Nice post \o/

  5. If I remember correctly the faction moa is the GILA... and the nighthawk has never needed more pwgd for my fits(yeah you cant fit a 3rd lseII for you passive whores but it doesnt need it) and I fully agree that the tier2/tier 3 bc/bs need t2 versions. oh and I want more faction ships as well lol. as for goons.... well goons will be goons just like any other power block that has been and will be and is presently someone will always hate them(namely their victims).