Monday, July 06, 2009

Vent My Frustrations

I was away from home on the weekend but I was able to get on a PC both Friday night and Saturday for some Eve time. I was looking forward to getting into fleets and seeing some serious action. Unfortunately, I could not get Ventrilo working despite many efforts both nights.

The first night I had DNS problems, and by the time that was resolved it was bedtime (I had to get up early with the twins). Then on the second night, everything was working except Vent. Just would not log me on; Teamspeak worked perfectly but Intrepid Crossing uses Vent. I refuse to be in a fleet operation without voice comms as that is a recipe for disaster so I turned reluctantly to housekeeping duties in Empire that needed attention. Ships to move, stuff to buy, you know.

Last week I pondered
what to do with some "found" money and now I have the answer. First off I buffered up my fleet with some new vessels:




The first two are obvious why I bought them: command ships for fleet command, Logistics for fleet healing/energy. The third, the Abaddon, is simply because I like the Memories of Mynxee Armageddon so much I wanted to have a bigger version. None of the three ships are equipped yet, that will come later.

I also bought a Scimitar for Deranna when she is done her Logistics training, and the complete set of skill books for flying a Tengu Tech III Strategic cruiser. Finally I bought a Hulk and modules for it for my mining alt in case I ever decide to actually do mining with him.

* * * * *

I'll have something to say about the current war situation in the Drone Regions but I don't want to be a source of information to our enemies (although with spies I'm willing to bet most enemies know more than I do). So expect a post later in the week on the subject.

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