Friday, July 10, 2009

Dammit, Rich Again

Due to the five Manticores that I built selling in a single half day, and an unexpected 700 million ISK coming in from other project, I find myself once more bulging at the seams with ISK.

Dammit, I just got through this problem! Sigh.

In all seriousness, I really am at a loss on what to purchase at the moment. I will probably buy fittings for the Abaddon and Nighthawk and Basilisk I purchased last week but I don't see that going over the 200 million mark.


Well, I did buy those skillbooks for a Caldari Strategic Cruiser. And with the latest patch the prices might be coming down.

On the other hand, Derranna is only 100 days from being able to fly a Minmatar carrier and that might be another logistics tool in my arsenal.

Of course, I need a Black Ops battleship for Kirith. He's got the skill to fly one (but not use the jump bridge yet).

Alright, its decided. Widow it is. Of course, I'll build my own as I still have those BPCs from when they first came out. Time to make a shopping list.


  1. (1) I want you to know I've always admired you and loved your blog more than anyone ever.

    (2) Totally unrelated, if you really want I will take some of that money off your hands. Just send it to me in game. Thanks!

  2. You know, I'll be getting into Recons and T2 Large guns soon....

  3. Comfirming that the 2 posters above are only looking for money.

    So... About that isk...

  4. Anonymous9:49 pm

    HAHA unabashed beggars give em nothing there bro... you cannot trust that they would not pod you ( or me for that matter) 5 seconds after you entered system :) They are pirates ;)

  5. Too much money? Is there such a thing? :)

    How about putting an order for a Tech 3 cruiser? I don't know the exact price, but according to other blogs prices have come down considerably since the latest patch.

  6. Use money to make more money? then when you have more money use it to make a lot of money? then upgrade the Ninveah to a mom? jus'sayin'

  7. Investing, I make my isk through buying ships/items from Jita and bringing them out to 0.0 for the alliance mates...take the isk, buy some stuff and supply your alliance mates while they rebuild:)