Thursday, June 04, 2009

QEN Q1 2009 Is Out

The first quarterly economic newsletter for 2009 is out.

I love these things although I don't delve into the stats as much as others do, it is one of those things that really brings the size of the universe of New Eden alive for me. I hope they can continue to deliver these things on a schedule, you know, like quarterly.

* * * * *

Page 4 - Quote of the paper: "EVE will soon overtake the population of Iceland, which means that the economy in EVE compares with that of a small nation."

Page 8 - What caused that downturn in subscription in the latter half of '08?

Page 16 - Most people have less than 100 million in their wallets. Seems about right.

Page 21 - Is the March set of bars in the graph giving me the finger?

Page 25 - Evidence that the ZOMG POS 'SPOILT scandal really hit the markets hard.

Page 30 - "It is a completely different story – and unresolved mystery – why this particular item increased so much in popularity." - in regards to 125mm Gatling Autocannon I. Makes me wonder...

Page 32 - 30,000 jumps into wormhole space PER DAY. Wowsers!

Page 35 - "In total, 29 Tech III ships were produced in March."

Page 39 - Orca graph: incredible how the price line does a text book perfect decrease as volume meets demand.

Page 42 - Golem graph: textbook example of how increasing price depresses demand. Eve must be a theoretical economist's dream.

Page 46 - Mobile Large Warp Disruptor's sales volume approaching 2500 per month. Egads. Strategic cruiser with Interdiction Nullifier propulsion subsystem looks a lot more attractive now.

That's all for this one, see you next "quarter"!


  1. T'was about freakin time!! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. I hope we helped the Golem demand :))

  3. Regarding the subscription downturn, here's a theory:

    1. Many many many EVE players have multiple (2+) accounts.

    2. As the economy in the real world tanked, people had to find ways to save cash.... extra subscriptions were low-hanging fruit.

  4. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Is that the Ninveah on page 7? :)

  5. Luccul: I thought so at first but then I realized it was only similar to my screenshots.