Friday, June 05, 2009

Doing My Part & Other Stories

My schedule in game is such that I can't get into many major fleet action as I don't have two to three hours to string together online. But getting small chunks throughout the day is easier. As such I find myself well suited to role of logistics for the corporation.

This past week I made two jump freighter runs to Etherium Reach from high sec, both times carrying stuff for corp mates or the corporation. It allows others to perform better in my absence from the actual fighting and it allows the corporation to expand its role in the POS claiming mechanics, both actions increasing our value to the alliance. So while I might not be wracking up points on the killboard, I'm still doing my part and I know my leadership appreciates it.

* * * * *

Last night after all the deliveries were made I had about 30 minutes to kill. My wallet has been expanding nicely and I needed a short ranged remote repping battleship in Etherium Reach for some fleet call to arms. The market is not flush with choice so I made do with an Armageddon and an eclectic assortment of affordable modules:

(Click to embiggen)

As you can see, I went with an armour buffer and short ranged pulse lasers and with drones the DPS is not awful. It will do in a pinch, better than the sniper Rokh Insisto Oblivium II would do as its the only other battleship I have up there right now.

* * * * *

In other news, while I was doing all that jumping I had 70 Invulnerability Field IIs come out of the factory and I quickly got them on the market. That means the wallet is at 260 million or thereabouts after the Armageddon purchase. Time to buy some more parts this weekend and finish off the BPCs.

* * * * *

In Skill news, Derranna is quickly getting through the Tech III production skills and has less than 12 days before she can build the Tengu and all its parts. She already can do the reverse engineering. After that I plan to go back to the Logistics ships training path I was on. Kirith has 15 hours to complete Long Range Targeting V which is the last prerequistie for Logisitcs skill himself. I can train Command Ships right now if I had the skill book but I'm holding off on that for a bit while my wallet recovers.

Instead of buying and training Command Ships and Logistics, I'll wait and instead start work on the dreadnought skills starting with Advanced Weapon Upgrades V which is needed for the all-importand seige mode on Dreadnoughts. And it also opens up Marauder battleships.


  1. Whats with the PDU and the missing mid? Are you just trying to work with what mods you had available?

  2. Yes, it is very much a "what do I have available within 2 jumps?" type ship, not one I am proud of but it will do for a bit until I can get a bunch of my modules stuck in high sec up here.

    You'd think I'd put them on the jump freighter one of these times but I keep forgetting. :P