Monday, June 08, 2009

Podcase Name Decided

Despite the urging from the nameless masses (or that guy down the hall), the podcast plans remain fixed for a startup in the late fall. In the meantime, after soliciting advice from the readers I've decided to go with my first instinct and call it "Broadcasts from the Ninveah". Close second was "Ninveah Offline" but I felt the longer title worked a bit better.

Next step is to download Audacity and do some tests to see how this recording process thingy actually works. And figure out where the heck these recordings are going to get hosted. And picked up. Etc, so forth, and so on. I might also see if I can find someone willing and able to mix me some short custom intro music with a sufficiently sci-fi vibe. I suppose I could use music right from Eve's jukebox but I noticed a couple Eve podcasts do that already and I don't want to be a retread.


  1. Podcast. Now.

    Down the hall has SPOKEN.

  2. Have you checked out some of the "podcast safe" music sites? Might be something on that would fit what you're looking for.