Monday, June 08, 2009

Curse Of Real Life

This past weekend I played almost no Eve. Just too much going on in real life to find the 30-90 minutes to sit down and do something meaningful. The 45 minutes I did get Sunday afternoon I used to get the parts to build the last of the original 230 Invulnerability fields I had, 90 left to be exact. As usual most of the cost was the Ferrogel ringing in at 96 million ISK. Ouch.

My wallet before that purchase was sitting at about 267 million all told, and that was after the Armageddon purchase up in Etherium Reach. I spent about 110 million for the parts which should generate about 180 million or so when sold in a few days putting me over 330 million. Then I might try some Cloaking invention again, I think the last batch of copies are all ready now. Maybe even see if the Vulture BPCs are near profitable yet.

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