Monday, June 01, 2009

0.0 Safe, High Sec Dangerous

Etherium Reach:

I logged in to find the channels quiet for the most part. A roaming gang had gone out a while ago and was coming back after some successful attacks so I missed out on that action. But our allies in Ethereal Dawn were repairing POSes so I put my 'X' in the channel and the Ninveah headed into action once more.

I've heard the POS repping is boring but when you have several channels in conversations and hostiles moving around in nearby systems, I never found myself drifting to sleep. Then we got some energy transfering spider webs going on (pictures forthcoming) so I got to play with my Capital Energy Transfer Array. No notches on the killboard but still getting out there and putting m3's corp name up for people to see.

Do things with people. It works baby.

Despite being in 0.0 with a very slow moving ship, I felt perfectly safe.


I took the Mammoth Mastadon to Rens to pickup more parts for Invul fields. Privateer Alliance recently declared war on us and there was three of them in local, two docked up and the third was unknown.

The Mammoth Mastadon has two built in warp core stabs so I decided to see if I could slip through any blockade. Rash, I know. But that's my modus operandi.

I undocked and quickly scrolled my overview to see the war target. Shit. Broadsword heavy interdictor. All the warp core stabs in the galaxy won't get me away from that. I quickly docked back up and logged. Later on I logged in at a quieter time, so no war targets in local, and made a run for it. I didn't relax until I docked at base once more.

Despite being in high sec with a well armoured and warp stabbed ship, I felt threatened at every turn.


  1. High sec space provides the illusion of security. It can take a while to get one's head around this fact. Too many people treat it like it's actualy a "safe" zone.

    Incidentaly the Mammoth does not have integral WCS, the Mastodon does. I've got a nice fit for my Mastodon - 11k shields and lowest resist is 50%, if they are going to suicide gank me, I want to see multiple BS concorded.

  2. I meant Mastadon. Damn, gonna have to go back and fix that.

  3. There are no safe zones in EVE. Period. Ask that Golem pilot who was all "safed up" in W-space. And yes, the Broadsword is a badass piece of machinery :))