Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dangers of Jumping

I logged in last night ready to throw my carrier into the jaws of death for the alliance. I looked around and what did I see? An alliance mail telling me to relax and get ready for the action of tomorrow and the weekend.

Well shoot. I'm at work tomorrow and leaving for the weekend. I guess I'll see what I can do Sunday.

So with a clear schedule I got Derranna to get the first batch of Invulnerability fields to the market and put more materials in the oven for the second batch. Then I jump cloned her up to DIZ in Etherium Reach and prepared to bring the Nomad Jump Freighter back to Empire since it was quiet and I needed it for another load in the future.

While traveling in a jump-capable ship in space you hold sovereignty over you quickly realize that the most dangerous part of the journey is not in 0.0. You have access to jump bridges, cyno arrays, POS shields, intel channels... it all combines to make it pretty darn safe. That's not to say that there isn't danger from a well organized hostile fleet intent on getting you under the fire of the POS guns, its just not as dangerous as, say, a poorly executed jump into low sec. Which is what I was facing at the end of Etherium Reach after three jumps.

I could describe the foul denizens of low sec but there are plenty of blogs that do that. *wink* Suffice to say that the dangers of a low sec jump in the defenseless freighter haunt me every time. To make it worse, I can't easily jump from Intrepid Crossing space to a low sec system adjacent to high sec, OH NO! I have jump to a near low sec system and then make another jump or series of gate jumps to get to an adjacent low sec system to contiguous high sec space.

All the while watching out for war targets. What fun.

The first jump was easy as the low sec system was populated by a few blues. I put Derranna and the Nomad into a safe spot and once Kirith's cyno beacon was done (ug, ten minutes) I flew him to the next low sec system that was adjacent to high sec. I decided to do a jump instead of scouting through gates simply because the freighter is so slow to align and its so exposed after jumping through a gate.

Once in the target system, I checked all the stations for one with a good sized docking ring and a 5 km holllow sphere for a freighter jump into. A nice Caldari one will do I said, and soon thereafter I created the cyno and jumped the freighter in.

There was lots of neutrals so I hovered my pointer over the dock button but nothing of threat came to investigate. I aligned the beast to the high sec gate and made it to warp with no issues.

So now the jump freighter is back in high sec and I can start filling it up for another run in the future. This concludes our report on "jumping with empty freghters". Tune in next week when I describe how paint dries.


  1. Oh yea that wasn't boring at all ;D

  2. I ought to ask you to make a BS and such run for me. I'll have to convo you in-game.