Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fighting Spacecraft Series IV Done

With the mighty Atron frigate, I have completed 16 Fighting Spacecraft articles for the Tribune.

Here is the high res version of the main graphic (click for full size):


  1. I know, I know it's about fighting spaceships, but I simply must point out that the Ares has such a rich history as a racing machine too.

    With its light weight and four lowslots, since the introduction of interceptor racing it has never failed to win podium finishes for Roden-sponsored racing teams. An Ares even won the 109 championship much to traditional rival Khanid Innovation's annoyance.

    (This comment contains a hint ;)

  2. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Heh, Ares/=Atron!

    This is a good series. Reminds me of the old Tech Readouts for Battletech, the likes of which should be shamelessly copied and used for all SciFi games and shows.

    I always figured what you have labeled as the mag-Sensor Detector was the drone bay, only because I was stumped on where else the Atron could squeeze a drone out of.

  3. Atron FI-A “Ares”

    It's in the EVE Tribune so it must be true. Ha!