Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dream Ship

The first time I downloaded EveMON and browsed the ships available to me, I saw one ship that captured everything I wanted in a vessel and knew I had to have it.

No, not the Chimera. I settled for the Chimera after I realized that my dream ship was essentially completely out of reach for me. I'm talking about the Caldari Wyvern Mothership:

The price tag of 15 billion (at the time, not sure the going rate these days) scuttled any hope of owning one of those. Heck, spending 100 million on a battleship was inconceivable in those days. Later on as I learned that they could not be docked at stations and hearing stories of them being ganked when piloted by the unwary or even worse, stolen, I figured I would never own one.

Its ironic that I have the skills to pilot one now due to the Chimera training. Usually you don't have the skills to the fancy ships you want to fly. Maybe someday I'll be an alliance that lends me one to use for operations.

Of course, nowadays I spend a billion ISK on a ship I rarely fly. If I was patient, I could easily have 15 billion ISK to purchase my own mothership. Storing it would still be an issue, yes, but not an insurmountable one.

Hmmm... something to think about, no?


  1. Um, since you have the photo, it leads to the text being cut off and your post making no sense.

  2. I hope motherships will see some love. People usually prefer a carrier to mothership today, especially for operational use.

  3. BoD: Fixed with smaller image.

  4. The whole "can't dock at a station" seems like a pretty huge impediment to casually owning a MOM. You should just buy 15 Chimera's instead :)

  5. Man that ship is a beast!

    I would have to agree with X1276 and Spec, at least carriers can dock :P

  6. Yep, that's a beast.

    I actually want a Naglfar at some point... even have the name ready for it :)