Monday, May 11, 2009

Eve Master Class - Jump Bridges and Cynosaural Arrays

To experienced pilots of 0.0, Jump Bridges and Cynosaural Arrays at POSes are standard fare of any major sovereignty holding alliance. To those that dwell in High Sec and Low Sec, you may have never heard of them before. This article takes an in depth look at these items.

Cyno Array, AKA Cynosaural Generator Array

The game database description of this POS structure is "Stationary Cynosural Generator, for rapid relocation of jump-capable vessels." In other words, its exactly like it sounds: a permament cyno beacon that is not generated by a pilot in a ship and does not use Liquid Ozone fuel.

In order to anchor it at your POS, your alliance requires Sovereignty Level of 2 or more. It takes 5 minutes to anchor and 5 minutes to put online (and one minute to unanchor). And most importantly, it has to be placed at least 15 kilometers from the starbase force field which means that anything that jumps to that cyno array is vulnerable. Indeed its not unheard of for lone capitals to be jumped by prepared remote repping battleship gangs outside their own POS shields.

Its pretty straightforward and only usable by ships with jump drives, i.e. Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Motherships, Titans, Jump Freighters, and Black Ops. To use it, when in space you right click on your ship and there is an option to Jump To with a list of available alliance cyno arrays.

NOTE: I can't confirm if a Cynosaural Jammer POS structure prevents the operation of the Cyno Array. I suspect it does (90% sure) but I hope a reader in the know can leave a comment confirming that suspicion.

Jump Bridge

Jump Bridges allow corporations to link two Starbases in nearby systems and establish an artificial jump corridor, granting instantaneous transit capability between the two.

Jump Bridges have a defined maximum range and cannot link to other Bridges outside this range. It is recommended that corporations check that their intended anchoring locations are in range of each other before purchasing the necessary structures.
In essence, jump bridges are like alliance owned stargates connecting two systems within 5 light years of one another. These POS structures can be used by any ship class and require enough liquid ozone fuel to be in Jump Bridge's cargo hold in order to function.

In order to anchor it at your POS, your alliance requires Sovereignty Level of 3 or more. It takes 5 minutes to anchor and 30 minutes to put online (and one minute to unanchor). And like the Cyno Array it has to be placed at least 15 kilometers from the starbase force field with the same hazards that entails.

You are allowed up to 2 per system and jump bridges are twinned, i.e. when you setup a jump bridge you assign another jump bridge within range to be the other end and then it can only move ships to and from that other jump bridge.

To use the jump bridge: Approach Jump Bridge Right and get within 1500 meters so you can right click and select "Access Resources" to open the structures cargo hold. Put the right amount of Liquid Ozone fuel from your cargo into the hold.

Now right click on your ship and select on the option "Enter Starbase Forcefield Password" and enter the jump bridge password (since anyone can use the jump bridge it needs the password protection). With that done you can right click on jump bridge and you should see a destination option like "Jump through to [SYSTEM NAME]".

The amount of Liquid Ozone fuel required is determined by this formula:
(500 * Jump distance in LY) * (ship mass / 1,000,000,000))

So for a Rokh battleship jumping the full 5 light years it would require 264 units of Liquid Ozone. A heftier Fenrir freighter on the other hand would require 2050 units.

There you have it. A short article this time but on a topic that does not get a lot of discussion outside of alliance forums. Enjoy!


  1. your 90% being sure can be changed to a 100% sureness on the cyno jammer preventing the use of cyno array i remember distinctly that you need to take down the jammer before you can jump to the array. also you put 1500 meters on the access resource you may want to check in game as it was probably changed to 2500 in apocrypha like with cans.

  2. Good to know how the stuff works, especially with the jump bridge as my friends moved up to 0.0 and I had an answer for them :)

  3. Handy hint - You can put a cyno jammer and a jump bridge in the same system. This way Capitals can still enter a cyno jammed system thru the Jump bridge. Allowing only your friendly caps into a system. :)

  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Not any more you can't.

    1. Yes, details have changed since I wrote this.