Monday, May 11, 2009

Skill Training Update

While all this excitement with moving across New Eden and joining Intrepid Crossing was going on, Kirith faithfully kept training Battlecruiser V and now has 11.25 days left. Once that is complete its 6 days for Warfare Link Specialist I thru IV and then a week to get Command Ships to IV.

After that, I plan to spend the ~8 days for Long Range Targeting V so I can train Logistics skill up to IV giving me access to the Basilisk Logistics Ship AND the Vulture Fleet Command Ship.

After that? Haven't decided.

Meanwhile, Derranna is working on Tech III Reverse Engineering and Construction skills. She will finsih Jury Rigging V in a couple days, and then spend a month and a bit working on the Reverse Engineering and associated skills. Then she can go back to the Logistics ship training.

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