Friday, May 01, 2009

Rokh Or Mega?

Sometimes the call goes out for specific types of battleships for specific types of situations. I've got builds ready for a lot of the situations using my favourite Rokh hull. But a recent operation required battleships with range around 30 km and capable of remote repping (armour I assume).

Since last time I worked out ship builds I didn't have access to the line of Gallente battleships so I wondered if the Megathron would be a better ship for these types of situations requiring remote repping. Here is a look at some setups I toyed around with in EFT.

Remote Repping Medium Range Rokh

Megathron with 425mm Rails

Megathron with 350mm Rails

As you can see, the Rokh performs surprisingly well as a armour tanker with rigs and the range bonus helps out to cancel the damage bonus of the Megathron (Caldari BS V versus Gallente BS IV helps too). However, if I rig a Rokh with three Trimarks it will never be any good switching back to a shield tank while the Megathron can easily move to other roles without suffering. Plus its considerably cheaper. I might have to add it to my arsenal.

The reason I included a fit with 350mm Railgun IIs is to see how much DPS I lost in order to maintain range, trading off the DPS for better tracking and the ability to fit an afterburner or MWD on there. The 425mms on the Megathron are a much tighter fit than the bigger Rokh and required a couple fitting mods which make me nervous.

EDIT: Fixed mixed up images.


  1. You forgot about drones for the Mega, i guess.

  2. Well, if you remote rep, it means you are in some fleet being remote repped by others. Your Rokh build needs higher resistances, otherwise you will suck your mates out of capacitor. My alliance fleet fit prescribes resistances ~70% and armor buffer +20k. I would use on your place Ancillary Current Router for more Powergrid and add at least one EANM.

    Personally there are two differences between those two ships--price tag and maximal range. While Rokh can hit targets at distance, cost more as Megathron. However range was a bonus only in the time when ECM boats have been floating at +200km. If Megathron can cover your's fleet prescribed optimal, I will rather save ISK for another ship...

  3. halka: I was looking at ranges farther than drone control range, i.e >54km. Under that and the mega's drones do come into play.

    x1376: Thanks for the info. Higher resists with lower actual armour points? Hmmm, interesting.