Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Multi-Purpose Tool

Yesterday I talked about the search for a fleet battleship and how I was having trouble to meet all the requirements. I asked some questions in the corp forums and got a clearer picture of what they want.

In essence, they want their pilots to be able to jump into a ship appropriate for the task at hand and what everyone else is flying. Spider tanking armour reppers? Fit a Remote Armour Repairer. Sniping over 150 km? Fit your sniping mods. Sheild repping spider tank? Get those sheild transfer mods ready. Neutralizers are to be used in place of repairers if we are worried about interceptor tacklers.

I decided to go with the Rokh for all three. Having a single ship that I can swap setups for in station based on the task at hand seems most economical, it allows me to fly my favourite battleship, and avoids that 12 days of training that would put me further behind schedule for my carrier debut.

Fleet Sniper Rokh

This is the easiest ship to setup, the only major condition is reaching 150 km. With 330 DPS at 149 km optimal and 29 km falloff, it can reach to 172 km (max targeting range) with deadly accuracy. Mainly for POS bashing and engaging other battleships at range, so I made sure there was some decent tank.

Fleet Shield Repping Rokh

Considering that m3 has a lot of Raven pilots, a shield spider tanking fleet is not out of the question. This ship boasts a modest DPS, decent capacitor control (as long as there are booster charges, natch), and solid shield tank to give the reppers a chance to save it. The Heavy Neutralizer can be exchanged for a second repper if desired.

Fleet Armour Repping Rokh

I kid you not.

While less tank than the shield repper and less DPS as well, it has the benefit of fitting some tackle mods. Not the prefered way to go, but I'm willing to fly it if it works with the fleet.

* * * * *

And while we're posting some setups, these fleet setups on the Rokh allow me to get some mods for my own personal Rokh in non-fleet gangs and such:

That's right, nearly a thousand DPS, big solid tank, lots of cap, and almost a kilometre a sec speed. Yeah yeah, it uses Rigs to get the big tank and has no tackle, but its meant to work in a gang as the bringer of pain.


  1. SWEEET setup brother. Good luck with it!

  2. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Damn Sam...looks like a perfect swiss army knife indeed

  3. Do you have any worries over the "jump ship x in and x up" only to have yourself popped? And expected to do the same inside of thirty or ninety minutes?

    Had that happen to me once. Once.

    I was shopping a new corp the next day.


  4. Anonymous7:48 am

    Hmm... For the fleet sniper set up, I would recommend the following changes:

    -1 Invulnerability Field II
    -2 Large Shield Extender II

    +1 Cap Recharger II
    +1 Tracking Computer II
    +1 Sensor Booster II

    I assume you'll be using a fleet sniper ship in fleet sniper combat settings, and in those settings you *NEVER* fit a tank. If you are primaried, you could be tanked to high-heaven, and you'll still evaporate in seconds.

    Sniper fleets need to maximize their DPS and their range. Your buddies are your tank. >:D By sacrificing the range/DPS for the small tank you seriously impact the survivability of your fleet, and hence your friends and yourself.

    Also, it's important to be able target somewhat farther than your max range, as you need to open up with all 8 guns as soon as the primary is in range, not however many seconds later you lock. In those seconds, the rest of your fleet could've finished the target, and you've contributed nothing to the fight.

    Of course, if this setup is for sniper support in small gang situations, then it changes dramatically, but I'd still tweak a few things then.

    Fly Safe

  5. Anon: You have a good point and I know that in true fleet combat being primaried means no tank will save you.

    I'm not sure what form of sniping combat my alliance plans to engage in at this point. Right now the current need for sniping battleships is for attacking a POS setup in our constellation. Other engagements have been 10-20 versus 10-20 in gate combat.

    So your points and suggestions have not been ignored. I do plan to the mods you suggested on hand for a true sniping ship if the situation warrants it.

  6. Anonymous8:59 am

    Okay. You hadn't mentioned in your post exactly what type of sniper you needed. As long as you realize the drawbacks you currently have it's all good.

    My only further recommendation is for POS bashing you need to *really* maximize range. And 172 after fall-off feels a little tight to me.

    Fly Safe