Monday, May 04, 2009

It Never Ends

We get past the colds and start to get the twins back on a normal sleep schedule, and my wife throws her back out somehow. I just cannot win.

While I didn't have time for a good sit down log in I had a couple spurts of activity, enough to do some miscellaneous stuff.

- Gathered the minerals for the Nightmare and got it built. Next post will highlight it with some pics.

- Had two successful inventions of Covert Ops Cloaks so I bought the materials for those and am in the processing of building them.

- Started the 50 invention tries of Invulnerability fields.

I also dropped Derranna's roles from Insisto Armamentarium. I have decided that if she is going to move more into PvE and PvP roles with the logistics ships and other future plans, she should join me in m3 where her skills can benefit from the standings and intel channels I have through Kirith.

I'll still have her doing her industrial activities since it makes me so much ISK.

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