Monday, May 25, 2009

Going For Dreadnought

Although I'm far from being able to buy a Dreadnought capital ship, my corp has an extra Phoenix looking for a pilot and I've promised my Director that I would train for it. So in order to properly pilot the Phoenix with Citadel torpedoes and Siege mode I need to train the following skills:

Caldari Dreadnought I - IV
Capital Hybrid Turret I - IV
Torpedoes IV - V
Citadel Torpedoes I - IV
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration I - IV

Skill cost of about 155 million which is not a lot (and I'm not even certain I need the Captial Hybrids skill... do Phoenix pilots put a hybrid weapon on that turret hardpoint ever?) and it will take about 80 days (~73 if no Cap Hybrid) of which over 32 days is for the Siege mode. That is to say, I could be in the Phoenix firing Citadel torpedoes in just over 40 days. Compared to the year of training for the Chimera, that's noise.

So I'll finish the Command ship training (~24 days now) and then get on the dreadnought bandwagon.


  1. I'll be tucking into a Dreadnought training plan myself as soon as BS V finishes (9-ish days) and I get Large T2 AC's (to complement the Large T2 Arties I can already use).

  2. Although I'm very far from a Naglfar both in time and ISK-wise, I want to get one someday. I have GOT to hear those capital guns, and I even already have the name for the ship :)

    Happy training :))

  3. Empires falls with dread fleets nowday. Good choice! I am not sure if they still push through IRC skill plans.

  4. Can practically ignore the turret hardpoint on the Phoenix, 4 highs, 3 launchers and siege mode is most that will fit. Don't see a reason to fit unbonused rail in like 95% of the cases. Maybe for shooting small pos turrets, with their tiny signature radius citadels do pityfull damage.

  5. Thanks ReatuKrentor. :)