Monday, May 25, 2009

Corporate Histroy As Told By Forum Sigs

Back in Sept of 2007 I posted my list of signatures up to that point, so I thought a repost with signatures since then was called for. I do love forum signatures.

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Being a forum whore that I am, forum signatures are always on my mind. They define a poster visually and can create an instant link for a viewer between content and quality. They recognize a post immediately by the signature and will stop to read if they liked what you said before. As such, almost as soon as I started Eve and visiting various forums, I started collecting signatures of the corps I was engaged with at the time. So here is my signature history.

1) Interstellar Privateers of Res Communis. Or IPORC as they liked to call themselves. I thought the ticker was a tad crude so I shortened it to IPRC as the game stored it. Ah my days of flying a Merlin.

2) After a month or so, I graduated up to destroyers and cruisers as you can tell by this sig. One version with the destroyer was for IPORC forums, the other for Eve Online forums which had more stringent requirements.

3) Strife Mercenaries was a merc / empire war corp made up of a lot of pilots from IPORC. I graduated to using railguns in a battleship and became quite proud of this monster until it died in a mission after warp scrambling NPCs were introduced. Still the favourite of my own created sigs.

4) Desiring access to 0.0, Strife merged into No Quarter and its Vae Victus alliance (my first!) and I went back to a Caracal in the sig. Then a corp member with Leet Skilz in photoshop made up the second sig there and although I left No Quarter for various reasons soon after, I still love that sig.

5) Needing to rebuild my assets after losing my Raven weeks after losing the Rokh, I worked for myself for a while and put together this sad signature. I eventually improved it by fixing the black areas that show my lack of abilities and it sufficed for a while.

6) I didn't make a sig for the short time I was with Omen in Storm Armada, but after we joined the Corelum Syndicate I tried to incorporate the alliance logo into the sig. Didn't work to my satisfaction.

7) After a while I wanted something new and decided my new and improved mission running Rokh that I perfected while in Kodachi Enterprises deserved a new sig. Hence this one. My second favourite and perhaps more classy. but the dithering from the conversion to JPG annoys me.

And that's it! Now I have to see about getting one now that I'm part of Coreli corp.
Of course, that stint in Coreli Corp didn't last as the corp fractured and I said "the hell with this" and took off for high sec for a while. Then I join M3 corp at the end of 2007 for a couple months and modified my signature to accomodate:

Then I left M3 and went back to Strife Mercenaries (aka Strife 2.0) and I had a signature professionally done. This is my all time favourite and I will probably go back to using it again someday when it evokes less bitter memories.

When I went back to M3 and their Blackwater Alliance, I tried my hand at making my own signature with the new Chimera as a focus and my better graphic skills. I like it because it actually looks half decent and not as crappy as some of my earlier attempts. I actually managed to properly integrate the Blackwater fishy.

But there is something to be said for a truly professional job. When M3 decided to join Intrepid Crossing I was tempted to commission a signature highlighting that fact but decided to be more selfish this time and have a corp/alliance agnostic signature created for me by Godless Wanderer of Articulated Sky.

I love the use of transparency in that one. From a simple little Merlin to might Chimera; from IPORC to M3.

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  1. I really liked the Strife 2.0 sig, it looks really really nice!