Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capital Crunch

No, no, not that kind of capital. This kind of capital.

After complaining last week of being broke, I made some money back by selling the carrier fuel to the corporation and alliance mates up in Etherium Reach. That gave me about 119 million ISK in the wallet to spend.

So I decided to convert the 230 Invulnerability Field II BPC runs I had in my hanger into items to sell. Alas, I could not do them all at once since it costs about 1.5 million each run, so I had to build the parts for 50 first, sell them, build more, sell them, and in a couple iterations get them all gone and build my wallet back up to around 350 million or so. Plus I'm writing an Eve Tribune article this week (Fighting Spacecraft for Gallente to end series four) for publication next week and that will help speed things up. Ideally I'll be sitting back over half a billion by the end of June.

First batch of 50 fields comes out in 2 days. Sigh.

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  1. Hey buddy, if you want a bit of a loaner I can swing you some iskies. Let me know.