Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm broke. My combined wallet amounts to 15 million ISK or thereabouts.

My industry activities have been silent as I prepped Derranna for the sojourn into 0.0 and the Eve Tribune did not get released yet this week meaning my expected payment from that direction did not materialize. Not to mention I invested about 100 million in isotopes and liquid ozone for logistic operations in 0.0 that I hope to recover from the alliance / corp shortly.

Still, I need to get the offline money making going again. Once Derranna is settled in 0.o she will clone jump back to Empire and start working on those 230 Invulnerability fields I have BPCs for, and perhaps some more invention attempts. Going to need lots of ISK for my next set of skillbooks.


  1. I just read your Tribune article, so hopefully you get your isk for that tomorrow, if not already.

    I agree with your article - there's not much argument for cutting them some slack on this one. They messed it up badly. I think they had to come clean and admit their mistake - they'd have only damaged their credibility more if they hadn't.

    They have some systemic problems to address, imo. Gaffs like this aren't just one or two dropping the ball. There's a chain of misses here that imply a systemic problem. I wonder how rushed their schedule is. This kind of low-quality release can often be driven by a rushed schedule that has devs pushed so that they don't do a lot of the little but important things that need doing, just so a schedule can be met. I've been on projects like that it looks so familiar that I'd guess (emphasis on guess) they're trying to hard to meet unreasonable schedules.

    I'm a bit confused by the claims in the post-patch posts. I understand those that say that it makes gate camps easier because modules won't engage quick enough after the gate cloak lifts. But there were other posts that said that is made the BS and cap ship instawarps quicker. BS's warping in 3 secs and carriers in 6. This seems contradictory to the other posts that claimed it was harder to get to warp. How can you instawarp if there's a 3-5 sec module activation delay? Do you understand this one?


  2. There was apparently a further bug that caused large ships to warp very fast. Not sure how closely it was related to the cloaking issues. It may have been conincidental.