Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Quest: Part 1

As the implications of my run in with Amarr Customs Agents fully sinks in, I began to realize just how screwed I am.

When I was Kill On Sight (aka KOS) to Ammatar Mandate, it meant difficulties for me going through one region's high sec space, Derelik. Out of 23 empire regions it was not a big deal especially since we operated no where near there.

But now I'm KOS in Amarr proper space. That's 8 more regions including the biggest Region in the game, Domain, making me person non grata in almost 40% of empire space. the only Amarr aligned region I can travel in safely is Khanid Kingdom.

For those who have not experienced the joys of faction police before, allow me to explain. When you jump into a system where you are KOS, after a few second Faction Police will spawn, for example, one frigate, 2 cruisers, and a battleship. They immediate target you and will web and EWAR your ass (but fortunately no warp scramble). Anywhere you go in that system you will have a spawn on you in seconds. You can't cloak, safe spots are not safe, and they hit damn hard.

You can still warp away and dock at stations, but running missions or auto piloting or sitting at a gate are impossible. Should we get a contract that requires us to fight in Amarr space, I'm essentially useless to the rest of the corp.

So I have to fix my standing.

There are several ways to increase faction standing.
1) Storyline missions from Amarr Agents.
2) Storyline missions from allied agents (Caldari, Khanid, Ammatar).
3) Data Centre pirate tag redemption.
4) COSMOS missions.

Unforunately you need -2.0 standing at least to access the worst of agents and the only one I have that is with Caldari corporations which give the least amount of Amarr faction increase.

Fortunately, there is hope. The skill Diplomacy increases standing for hostile agents so that you might speak with them, and its a nice rank 1 skill so I'm taking a 1 day break from Amarr Battleships IV to train four levels of that skills.

The hope is that I can get my Khanid Kingdom rating to -2.0 so I can use Khanid agents to begin the reconstruction of my overall Amarr standings. It doesn't have to be high, just above KOS level.

Here goes nothing.


  1. Correct, a system-wide cloaking ban. Nice, huh? I kinda knew this from Factional warfare days, but confirmed yesterday just to be sure.

  2. Hehe wow. Nice to know this then.