Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Intel Failure

After having the Crow destroyed by my own foolishness, I was hungry for blood. I jumped into the Onyx and headed towards Sukanan to hook up with some corp mates and hunt a reported hostile in the area.

We formed up with my Onyx and a Pilgrim and Deimos, with a Remote Sensor Boosting Mrymidon joining us a bit later. We found the Hostile warping around looking for targets in a Phantasm... wait what? Phantasm you say? The 180 million ISK Sansha faction cruiser? That would be the one.

Rubbing our hands in glee we tried to catch this guy but he was ready to avoid a fight, with a cloak fitted and apparently a bit of a speed tank as he was reported going 1.4 km/sec at one point. We couldn't get him tackled out of gate jumping range despite a couple close tries.

After he ran off and docked a neutral Harbinger battlecruisers warped to the gate we were watching from 150 km away. Hmmm.... he suspuciously did not continue on his way but watched us for a minute. Just as he warped out we got word he was a known pirate and KOS to us. Well, maybe the night wasn't a bust after all.

Our Pilgrim pilot had switched out for a Sacrilege HAC so remained at the gate as bait while the rest of us got into position elsewhere in the system. The enemy battlecruiser warped back in at 100 km to the gate and moved out to try and lure the Sacrilege into gate gun range (we had global due to engaging the Phantasm unsuccessfully). Now, we should have been more suspicious as the enemy knew we had more ships in local yet he was flying agressively, but our blood lust was up and there was only one other neutral in local in another corp, surely we were not in danger?

Our Deimos pilot warped in and got a tackle, I warped in and put my point on him, and then the second neutral in the system uncloaked 100 km away in a Falcon and started jamming our three ships.

Ah crap.

Cruisers, even Tech II ones, are very vulnerable to a good Falcon pilot and this was no exception. I was jammed so I decided to warp out and try to warp back at 100 km to land on the Falcon and give him something to think about, but the battle was over before I got turned around.

Had we known that the Falcon pilot was working with the Harbinger we might have avoided this debacle, or at least been prepared for it. Ah well, the sword cuts both ways, right?

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