Monday, April 13, 2009

Me = Idiot

I decided to move some old miscellaneous stuff from my years in new Eden to my new base, I mere three jumps through high sec. I didn't think anything of it really; we're not at war and I wasn't going through populated territory and it was nothing of tremendous value.

But it was illegal stuff.

And the border patrol got me:

And I got fined:

To make matters worse, I suffered a standings hit, just enough to drop my precarious Amarr Faction standing below the "We Hate You And We Shoot On Sight" level:

Which results in this wonderful message everywhere in Amarr space:

And to top it all off, to put the fracking cherry on the cake, I went and lost my Crow while trying to take a screenshot for this post of the faction navy ships that spawned to kill me. Like an idiot I went in for a good shot with the MWD on but when I went to orbit the Navy Maller my transversal dropped, I got webbed, and with my big signature I got PWNED. How embarrasing.



  1. Doh.

    I've got murdered while taking screenshots for my blog before.

  2. Oh ouchies, but I must say, your mistake made me giggle :D

  3. This just after a post on smuggling. Tsk tsk!

  4. It's been a weekend of dumb moves all round I think...

  5. But damned entertaining reading! :)