Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Last night I tried to log in but my Eve client was being difficult. It would not display the log in screen and every effort I made to produce the window failed horribly.

I ended up deleting the cache manually and then was able to produce a login screen. Of course, all my channels, overview settings, and defaults were gone. So there was 15 minutes of configuring involved before I felt I was safe to undock.

A couple corp and alliance mates were tangling with a Thorax and Curse in a belt in Teshkat so I jumped into a Falcon to run and help them, but by the time I got there the action had passed (no kills on either side) and two pilots were done for the night. The third decided he wanted an Abaddon battleship to do some station fighting with a couple Zealots causing trouble in system and since the Falcon is useless near sentry guns now I followed him back to base to grab my Dominix brawler.

While warping to the Teshkat gate in Anjedin my buddy asks "Do you have a remote rep on that thing?"

I respond, "No, do you want one?"

"It'd be nice."

So, I turn around as soon as I come out of warp to go back to base, a shudderingly long warp in Anjedin which is a very wide system.

I get back to station and look in my modules container for my Remote Large Armour Repairer II... and can't find it. Where is my remote reppers? After five minutes of searching I finally found it in my other Dominix's cargo hold. That's when I remember I put it in there for later fitting during an abortive plan to join some corp mates in a wormhole complex clearing operation where spider tanking would have been used.

Ok, got the mod, fit it on the pvp Dominix, undock, head back to Anjedin, make the long warp across system again, jump into Teshkat... and the hostiles are all gone.


I spent a few minutes with my buddy in his Abaddon and a couple other friendlies watching the gate but my hour of game time is up and while I could push another hour out if something exciting was going on I decide to head to bed and save my late night for later, especially since we have dclared war on a new enemy that starts today and I really want to get in on some action there.

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  1. Anonymous2:43 am

    OK this might help you save your channels and overview settings. There are files that hold your local user and character info (like overview settings) that you can save/restore and move computer to computer (if you play on more than 1). I run Vista, and it's under

    (careful - there may be more than 1 folder under ...\CCP\EVE, including a settings folder right under EVE; use the one with the most recently touched files in it. CCP seems to change the location with different patches - I hope my folder name is the same for everyone.)

    Under XP this is likely under c:\Documents and Settings\-username-\Application Data, but that's a guess on my part.

    In the settings folder are several files:
    - user_nnnn - one for each of your user accounts where nnnn is your account number
    - char_nnnn - one for each of your characters
    - user__.dat
    - char__.dat
    - pc.dat
    - prefs.ini

    You can copy these all to a safe place for backup. Then you can restore them later if you have to clear the cache. Or move them to a another computer. Don't restore them all - the client ignored them when I moved them all to the new machine and reset them on me. Try just moving/restoring the char_nnnn and user_nnnn files, and user__.dat and char__.dat. If that doesn't work, restore again, but exclude the user__.dat and char__.dat files. Sorry but I didn't write down the right combo that worked for me, but I'm pretty sure I left out the prefs.ini and the pc.dat to make it work.

    I save a copy of these every time I make a significant change, especially to the overview. Makes it so much easier to make sure I have the same overview settings on each pc. It should work to restore back to the same pc, too.

    Hope that helps next time.