Monday, April 20, 2009

Non-Eve Web Games

For a distraction I play some free web games. Chess on was my first one I joined and still enjoy despite regular thrashings from better and more attentive players. I did some games of Go on for a while but that game is very hard to master and I prefer playing it in person with a faster pace than the day long turns on internet pay.

Another site is Conquer Club that I've been playing for a year but lately have grown tired of. Its essentially online Risk with tons of different maps and rule sets and I really enjoy it but I'm getting tired of the idiots who either 1) fail to understand its a game, or 2) attack me and act surprised when I retaliate, or 3) fail to attack the stronger player to their own detriment, or 4) be in a good game and then suddenly lose when someone cashes in a bonus set and romps all over. The last one I can accept cause sometimes you are the sudden winner but it starts to get old after a while, not being able to respond.

Thus my replacement for Conquer Club is called Weewars which I am really enjoying and considering subscribing to for a pro account. Like the former it has tons of different maps, is turned based, and some random element to it, but is different in that the games have a more positional and leisurely pace to the movement allowing you time to formulate a strategy for counterattacks. I only join games with turns set to 24 hours so I can check it once or twice a day to make my moves.

We'll see if in a few months I find something to annoy me about that game.

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