Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Derranna's Winter Plan Is Complete

Back in February I embarked Derranna on a ship piloting improvement plan for the winter which had the goal of at the end being "able to use most Tech II propulsion, shield, armour, and repair modules and have a few more shield, armour, and energy points to work with."

Today Hull Upgraded V finishes and I've put off the construction skills in favour for a new plan: Logistics ship training. We'll get her able to fly and Scythe tech II cruiser and provide shield support which will be invaluable for missions, possibly wormhole complexes, and even PvP situations.

The first step is to get her targeting skills up to par so she can target farther and faster.
Targeting I-V
Long Range Targeting I-V
Signature Analysis I-V

Then I need the skills to fly the ship properly.
Minmatar Cruiser I-V
Logistics I-IV

Of course, a Logistics cruiser is useless with support modules, in this case tracking links and shield transfer arrays.
Sensor Linking I-IV
Shield Emission Systems I-IV

Finally, I need Tech II logistic drones to fill up the 45 m3 drone bay (weird size by the way).
Repair Drone Operation V

Its a decently long skill plan of just under 70 days and introducing 7 new skills to my alt, moving her closer to becoming an actual combat pilot. I'm considering once this is done at the end of June of starting to train her gunnery and projectiles skills.

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